Maser new look

Hi, I am maser master, daughter of Megan and the master, and little sister to Megalisa master and Baxter master, twins they are but also a time of pain. I know I don't look like them but the thing is, I regenerated when I was 5 (50 In time lord), Megalisa and Baxter were playing football with me in front of our house, and it went in the road, and I ran after it, and before I saw, a car came and megalisa and baxter couldn't stop it, I was run over and regenerated and my brown hair turned dark red and my hazel brown eyes turned blue.

I am also learning how to time travel, and its wicked amazing, and I enjoy going on adventured with my brother and sister and friend darcy charming, daughter of evie and daring charming, who's wicked amazing at music, I love music too but don't sing, I prefer mixing it and listening to it.



One word: music. I love listening to it and mixing it, though I only wear headphones when I want too, and I love mixing music, like rock and pop, I kind of like opera, but not as much as Darcy, she is better at it then me, I have no fear, not even heights cause I love using my jet boots and flying in the great skies.


Before I regenerated, I had dark hazel brown hair with highlights of dads light brown hair in it and hazel brown eyes but then I got a new look, dark red hair and ocean blue eyes. I love styling plaits cause its kind of cool.


Dad/the master: I get along with him, he taught me how to play football, and I love playing it, he takes me to games with him and megalisa, Baxter sometimes comes, if he isn't on the Video games or watching TV.

Mom/Megan: I get along with her, in fact, its her who gave me my Weapon, not a sonic like Megalisa's or Baxter's, a watch like hers, I can create portals with it, and use it defeat aliens. I also like it when she comes to my football games, and always takes me out for ice cream when I win.

Megalisa/sister: I love my sister, she always takes me with her to concerts with her and Darcy, and taught me how to draw a lot of stuff, and take pictures with her camera she gave me cause she got a new one, yeah, a hand me down, but it was kind of new, and she also gave me a set of headphones, which were cool!

Baxter/brother: I love my brother too, he always plays football with me, and I play video games with him, though I beat all his high schools, he so is going down when we play again, but he also got me a new M3P player due to my old one breaking on a adventure and I had to use my M3P player to defeat a alien.

Darcy/friend: I go to a lot of concerts with Darcy and megalisa, which rock, though the one with aliens in it was not planned! but she rocks at singing, but I always do a mixture of songs for her though, so I get along well with her.


Normal: I wear a light blue long sleeved shirt with a light and dark red short sleeved shirt on top and I wear a bright purple skirt and some pink boots (which are jetboots! dad made them for me) and I have my hair tied into a plait that swings to my shoulder and I wear my watch mom gave me around my neck.



Adventures coming soon...