Hi, um, I am destiny master, well, not master, but I took the name on after the family took me in, they quite nice to me, but you see, I was really created for bad, but then I met Darcy, Maser and Megalisa and Baxter when they walked in and found me chained to a wall (I was being used as a vessel for another bad guy and awaiting to be transported into someone else) and maser freed me and helped me up, and told me they could free me (I was comfused since i was just a hour old) and maser kept close to me and after helping defeat the bad guy, I left with the others and met sunset genie and midnight shadow (who also live with us) and been with them since.

I am a month old and enjoy having adventures.



Uh, Well, I love playing video games a lot and watching movies with the others, But I love science, which gets me teased me more since people say I look like a zombie (which is kind of true, I have the markings) but I don't care, maser has taught me how to draw comics so I love drawing comics a lot.


I have green skin since he didn't make me look human and I have a green eye and purple eye and I have a lot of plasters and stiches and I have pink hair with light blue and black highlights.


Megan/Adopted mom: She took me in and shows me a lot of stuff do with humans and tries to teach me but I am hopeless at it since I don't know the world but she still believes in me.

The master/Adopted dad: He took me in and has tried to teach me how to be normal, but still believes in me even if I fail.

Megalisa and maser master/Adopted sisters: Megalisa if wicked cool, she is teaching me how to save the world like them but also lends me a lot of stuff and goes shopping with me but maser was the first face I saw and I get along with her a lot.

Sunset genie and midnight shadow/adopted sisters: They were waiting in the tardis for me, only to find out we the 3 chosen ones to bring this planet alive, so we are great friends.

Darcy charming/friend: I get along with her too, she teaches me how to dance a lot and shows me a lot of music.


Normal: I have my hair down with a nut bolt crown and wear some eye shadow and I have a pink stripped dress with a pink jacket and a gold belt around the waist with purple stripped tights and I have lighting pink heeled boots and I carry around A MH bag.