MSP yugiohs daughter

Hi, you ready to duel? sorry, cant resist, my name is bluebell, daughter of yugi, and I am a expert at dueling, well apart from the other children of duelists, but I am the only one who can control the god cards after dad now, and they hard to read for most people, but I can read Egypt, so I pretty much love doing it! how I met the masters kids, one thing: Egypt, by then I was 5 and they appeared with their parents and then defeated some aliens and left and I remembered them, so when I saw them I was excited, I asked them and they looked shocked and agreed I could go with them sometimes.

I am 12 years old and I love dueling, but its just one hobby, I also sometimes love watching movies, but then again, dueling pops up a lot, so I guess it does not count.



Well, hint in parents, dueling, I guess I have fun doing it, like dad teaches me too, he says anyone who cheats, is not a true duelist, and I guess he is right, the duelists I met so far always be scared cause they know they would lose and try to cheat, but I always find a way around it, so pretty much, dueling is my life.


I have my dads mad hair that's a mixture of dark red, black and yellow, but I don't have the spikes, yet and I am kind of thankful for that bit, but I have blue eyes, and I love wearing blue a lot.


Dad/yugi moto: I love my dad to pieces, my mom left so dad raised me on his own and I guess it was hard, but he is the one who taught me about dueling and I love his stories of his adventures, with all the action and trips they took to save the world, it is amazing.

Megalisa, Baxter and maser master: I met them, well saw them, when I was 5, and on a holiday with dad in Egypt, they came running out of a box and then after a while, came back and a explosion happened and they left in the box, but I remembered them, so it was shocking to see them at school, and I talked to them and they offered to take me to Egypt and they been my friends since.


Normal: I wear a black short sleeved shirt with a dark blue jacket on it with a light blue checkered skirt with a gold chain tied to it and some grey boots with white stripes on it and I have my hair tied into a pony tail.